Review Of Home Street (Free app/game)

Hello to all my fellow bloggers! I hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve and day. 😃 I know I promised a Sims 4 for Xbox review soon, but I haven’t had much chance to play it the past few days to be able to give it an honest review yet, I thought I would review a phone game app in the mean time. This will also probably count as my Tuesday/Thursday blog post as I don’t have much done for this week blog wise. New year and I am already off my blogging schedule…SHHH. However a new years resolution for my blog was I wanted to start doing more reviews, so at least I have that going for me. In case I do a blog post for those days, I wanted to post this now. I also forgot to post a MEME since it is MEME Monday for my weekly schedule. Will do that as soon as I post this. Haha

Anyways moving onto the review…

Home Street is a free game you can download from Google Play and Apple stores. It can be played on your phone, tablet and I am sure other devices that support it. (I am not too much of a technology geek, sorry! I just know I downloaded it on my phone and it runs very smoothly!) It is a relatively new simulation game as I believe it was released back in the fall of 2017 sometime, and it is similar to The Sims franchise games. However, it is different enough to not feel like you are playing a Sim rip off or copy cat game.

When you start your game you are given a character and house to start with that you can personally customize. The main purpose of the game is to level up by completing tasks using thoughts and goods your character produces. There are other features such as you can invite or visit neighbors which helps you build your social status with said neighbor, you can join neighborhoods to compete in challenges, chat with the people in the neighborhood, and you can also compete in Game Show challenges. By completing tasks in all these features you will be awarded with goods, tickets, supplies you need or experience etc, it just depends on the task or feature. It all simultaneously helps you level up. Gems are awarded for free from leveling up and completing certain tasks in the game etc, and can be used to speed up tasks, expand stuff in the game if you are missing the needed supply to expand and so on. You get a free wheel spin a day which gives you goods, coins or other things and the same if you watch an ad. The ad is an option, not a must and if you watch it you will be rewarded with a small gift. The best thing about Home Street is it is free to play, you can’t spend money on it even if you wanted too as far as I know and it is ad free. There is a lot to do in the game and I do recommend trying it out if you enjoy app games.

For those of you who are familiar with The Sims I will share the similarities and compare the biggest differences in the two games to give you a better understanding. If you are not familiar with the sims skip this paragraph if you’d like and scroll down further to the review. 🙂

The Sims and Home Street are similar in the sense you can customize your character and your house, but because it is an app it has it’s limitations. However, the more you level up the more you unlock new building material, furnishings, home decor and clothing that can be purchased with in-game currency and tickets. So I think maybe besides the lower quality of graphics because it is an application and not an actual video game, you probably get a lot more customization stuff for free by leveling up and getting with in-game currency. Whereas in with video games like The Sims you have to purchase expansion packs to get more items for your game. The only limitation it has compared to the sims is you cannot customize the character’s body as much and you don’t get personality traits. I think some of the biggest differences in Home Street is you only get one character to play with, you don’t have full control over that character as they just randomly run around the house pretending to do tasks and your character doesn’t have needs to be taken care of like The Sims. There is also a lot more open world to explore on The Sims and you can create different characters in the same neighborhood to interact etc. Home Street has no ads, there, but there are more loading screens when visiting neighbors and you don’t really interact with them when visiting or inviting them over. Instead, they just run around the house together pretending to do tasks again. However, Home Street is socially interactive in other ways such as you can join neighborhoods to interact with people and friends. You also have the option to create your own neighborhood so if your friends download the game they can join your neighborhood and chat with you. The Sims is not interactive that way at all, so I think that is another big difference.

You start the game with one character that you can customize the face, make up, accessories, hair, clothing and so on. It also gives you a default house for your character to live in that you can customize the rooms, wall patterns, flooring, furnishing and home decor. You unlock more items in all of the above categories by leveling up that you can purchase with in-game currency or tickets depending on the item. Also when you start the game it will give you some kind of a tutorial to help get you started, but it wasn’t so much detailed it took away from game-play or was much time to wait through. It was easy to understand I found without taking too much control. I kind of have a pet peeve with tutorials and I was happy that this one didn’t aggravate me at all

The game has enough features to keep you busy with sometimes irritable wait times, but a lot of games have that.

Your main purpose is to level up by completing tasks requested by neighbors. You will need goods and thoughts to do and complete tasks. You get goods from producing them with thoughts or items you have crafted and it all kinda goes hand in hand. You have a memory storage where you produce thoughts you need for goods and completing tasks. The wait time to produce thoughts, tasks or goods depends on what thought or good you need to be produced. I will use an example as I feel like I am not making any sense especially if you have never played Home Street. If a neighbor requests that they need two baked cupcakes and two paintings. You can bake cupcakes in the mixer with the fun thought and you can use the easel to paint using imagination thought or other thoughts as it depends on the painting. Once you complete a task you are rewarded with experience points that helps you level up.


Home Street wouldn’t be a simulation game without social interactions and this game has quite a few. You can invite, visit and bookmark neighbors to build acquaintances and relationships. When you invite a neighbor over their character will come over to your house and stay for a certain amount of time. When the neighbor leaves it will give you a chosen or random social interact in your mail box you can collect that will help you produce or order certain goods. You can visit neighbors for sometimes a task a neighbor has asked you to complete, or you can also help them by boosting their items or pets with thoughts in your memory storage. Bookmarking neighbors allows them to show up first on your list of neighbors and allows you to build a relationship with the person you bookmarked. You can also join neighborhoods to help compete in world events, and chat with the people in that neighborhood or you can create your own neighborhood.

You can also compete in The Game Show Challenge by completing tasks it requests and get rewarded with tickets, other items and you will get ranked. The more tasks you complete the closer you get to first place and the better you will be rewarded.

Most of these features simultaneously fit nicely together, while you complete tasks you get rewards, it drops items you need to complete certain tasks and it all helps you level up which unlocks clothing, furnishing, building material, workstations, expands your land and more. Did I mention it’s free and ad free?!?! Haha. I am overall very impressed with the game even though it is not like the Sims, it is a great casual home building/simulation game in my opinion. It may be the next best thing we get for a simulation and social game for mobile.

I rate this game a strong 7 out of 10. (10 being the best.)


10 thoughts on “Review Of Home Street (Free app/game)

  1. Thanks for this! I’m downloading it! I loved The Sims and used to create custom content. I own The Sims 4 for PC, but I don’t play it right. I just design houses for randomly generated Sims. I never leave build mode. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem. It is kinda like the sims in some ways, but there are a lot of differences too. You’ll see when you play it, I do prefer Home Street to Sim Free play for mobile, Sim Free play has unrealistic wait times for them to finish tasks and you have to wait for them to complete a task to do another. I tried Sims mobile a few times and all I did was wait around constantly. It was aggravating. Lol And you can’t customize sims in Sims Free Play as much as you can on PC. I have Sims 3 and most of the expansion packs for PC. I had sims 1 and 2, but donated them last year cause I only play Sims 3. I don’t have SIms 4 for PC yet, I held off because of the differences and it got bad reviews, fans were more pleased with Sims 3. I did get Sims 4 last week for Xbox One, it looks and seems to be the same as Sims 4 for PC, but the controls on the xbox are aggravating, Mouse and keyboard doesn;t convert to well to a xbox or playstation controller. LOL But I expected that when I got it for the xbox. When I have extra money to splurge again I think I will get Sims 4 for PC. Just to have it and I do like some of the upgrades in Sims 4 such as toddlers are better, emotions of the sims are better, the availability to multitask etc. But the lack of patterns to customize more in SIms 4 compared to 3 is kinda lame, and no more open world in Sims 4, more loading screens. Haha. But I love all Sim games overall. Been a huge Sim nerd since a kid. xD But back to the point, can’t complain with homestreet as it’s a free game and pretty easy to play. Sure they could add more stuff to do cause all you pretty much do is make stuff to complete tasks and stuff to earn prizes. But it keeps me busy enough when I play. Lol I hope you like it as well. 🙂 If you hear of other similar game apps or anything let me know. I am looking for a Sim like game for my phone and haven’t found one I like. Lol


    2. Oh and I find myself building a lot more the older I get on the Sims 3 as well, than playing with families and stuff. Depends on my mood though. I normally start a family or a sim, start out and then delete the character or family a week later and start over. Lol xD I never actually started a family out and played through the generations of the same family or whatever, but I should try. Haha


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