Asperger Syndrome and Autism is not the problem, society is…

Some people see Asperger Syndrome as a defect or a disability and because of that belief try to ‘fix it’ or even worse find a cure.

The problem with this is that the aspie brain is wired the way it is, meaning the Aspie is how he or she is. Trying to fix it is impractical and pointless because trying to make something the Aspie is not will result in failure.

I believe why some people might view aspergers as a defect or a disability is because of society’s view of happiness is very skewed. In our society it seems the only route to happiness is to get a 8-5 job 5 days a week, get married, start a family, get a nice car or two and a big house. Now spending the majority of your life working until you are too old to even enjoy retirement and buying materialistic things to be happy is another rant all together, but that is not what this post is about. Haha. It has been proven that there is no correlation between the severity of autism and quality of life. We do know how to increase the quality of life for children and adults on the spectrum. We can achieve this by building an environment around them that will give them the best chance at life, building on their strengths, managing their weaknesses and most of all accepting them for who they are. So really what it comes down to is all that really matters is the child or adult on the spectrum is happy.

Another reason I believe is also the obvious view or need to be the same and if you don’t fit into that perfect box category you are seen as different or there is something wrong with you. That is all I will share on this matter for now as I am sure I don’t need to do much explaining as we experience this as soon as we are in elementary school and experience the bullying etc.

There is nothing inherently wrong with a person who has Asperger Syndrome or Autism, the problem is the way some people view Asperger Syndrome and Autism. Sure, the Aspie or Autistic person may have some problems dealing with society or the world the way it is, but that is not a reason to make the Aspie feel less of a person. In fact, if you only see the problems associated with Autism you will over look the talents and gifts they may actually have. This can be very unfortunate because not only can Aspies and Autistics alike benefit from being accepted on their own terms, but so can society.





This is a blog post aka rant I have been trying to work on for a week or so now, and I have decided this is as good as it is going to get at least for now. It’s really just some more random thoughts that run through my head again. Haha

I know I explained in the past I’d be gone during week days and have no interwebs, but long story, but I am home until tomorrow early morning obviously cause I am posting this. xD We may however be staying the weekend there so I may not be able to post this weekend hence why I am trying to post something now.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Okay bye!


3 thoughts on “Asperger Syndrome and Autism is not the problem, society is…

  1. I have aspergers and i often think that the world is flawed and they are the ones who should be communicating differently. For example if i take things literally and misinterpret what is being said why am i at fault because that person can not directly say what they mean?can you relate to that feeling?

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    1. I completely agree, society could be more accommodating to the autistic community.

      Yes I can relate, I often misinterpret what people are saying. It took me a very long time to grasp things like sarcasm. I was often bullied in school because I misinterpreted what teachers or children were telling me or explaining. I am sure I have discussed such experiences and topics in some of my past blogs. Here is one that I kinda touch on things like Autism and analogies etc if you are interested in checking out. 🙂

      I hope the links work, wordpress is still acting strange for me and being super laggy, not loading properly etc. It took me awhile to link it. Lol. :/


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