My weekend attempts at being a social butterfly…

My weekend was filled with social ups and downs, but none the less it was great to meet new friends and new relatives.

Saturday started like every other one pretty much, slept in got up and did my normal routine with the hubby. I took most of the day to relax and try to gear up for a big family dinner. We went over to my husband’s uncle’s sister’s place (His uncle is married into the family) and his family was visiting from out west. I met the sister, his uncle, his cousin and his cousin’s son. We also went with my father and mother in law. So there was a decent crowd of people and to no surprise I hardly said a word. In fact the only time I spoke more than a couple words at a time was when everyone was out of the room except for my husband and his step mom. The funny thing is I stuttered, oh yes the only sentence I spoke all night I stumbled to say a word. Fail. Luckily his uncle and the sister are coming over without the cousin and son on Wednesday night for dinner and I am hoping to be more talkative as I would like to get to know more of my husband’s family. His uncle’s sister is a huge sweetheart too and cannot wait to spend the evening again with her.

I think the problem I had going out Saturday was not so much I wasn’t ready or didn’t want to go out, it was that crowds of any kind make me nervous and anxious. I find it really hard to blend in crowds and I think this will be something I will never get over and I am completely okay with that. There is nothing wrong with being the quiet one and is what makes me the most comfortable. I avoid crowds however for the most part whenever I can for this reason.

Sunday I had much better success at being a social butterfly and had a really nice time. The husband and I went to his best friend’s place for like 9 hours for a BBQ. I already knew his best friend as I met him briefly a few times before, but it was my first time meeting his wife and three kids. I spent most of the morning talking with the kids, and my husband’s best friend’s wife. When the kids left to go to the beach and it was time to blend in with the adults I spent the rest of the time mainly talking with the wife. My husband got some much needed guy time in as I got my girl time in and met a new friend. Because our husbands are also best friends I feel it gives us a common ground or relation to share stories aka gossip/swap stories behind their backs. jk lol. I was very chatty all day and it’s because it is easier for me to converse one on one. Plus we had a few beer which probably helped, but shh I still take credit for breaking out of my recluse shell I have been in for sometime now. Their son said a few cute things to me actually and will not soon be forgotten to bring a smile to my face. He said I was like his mom because we both don’t like bugs or spiders. That we may not look the same, but personalities we are similiar I guess? lol It was so cute. He also said when we were leaving that we need to come back so my husband can hang out with his dad and I can hang out with his mom. We all laughed said thanks for setting our plans up. The food and company were equally amazing and I hope we do it again sometime in the near future.

I had a lovely weekend, but it did take all day Monday to recover from my social events on the weekend. Just felt off all day, hard to describe and didn’t help when we had other priorities to attend to as well. Yay when life happens and you really don’t want it too. I am feeling much better today though hence me posting this and I don’t regret anything at all as it is great to meet new people in a country I just recently moved too. My husband had a hard time meeting people in Canada as I didn’t really have friends where I was living as I didn’t grow up in that part of Canada only recently moved back to my home city where I was born and I was also a huge recluse. I had some of the same fears relocating here with him, but I no longer have these fears after this weekend.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend and has a even better week. Happy Tuesday!


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