Help?! WordPress inept

I write all my posts first on another writing based program on my computer before I copy and paste it to Word press. I don’t really add or edit anything on the section to add a blog post. When I post my blog it normally has issues with spacing after paragraphs and ends up looking like a unorganized disaster and probably makes it more difficult for followers or people to read. Some guesses I have to why this could be happening is because I don’t write my blog on wordpress itself and has a hard time because I am just copying and pasting the blogs or maybe it could be my program I am using. (I am using evernote it came with my laptop and no I don’t have Microsoft word nor do I want to spend the money to get it unless I absolutely have to.)  or maybe I am writing too much? Lol I have no idea. It use to not bother me so much as it would just miss the odd indent after a paragraph, but now it is more and more and it is really pissing me off because I want my blog to look presentable, organized and not difficult to view. Any feedback/advice or help from followers would help. I really hope I don’t have to go back and rewrite all my blogs just to fix it, but if that’s the case so be it. (At least I have most of them saved on my computer)

I also hope this post makes sense. Thanks in advance for any help or feedback you can give me. Just thought what better people to ask than the word press community.


2 thoughts on “Help?! WordPress inept

  1. Hi, I sometimes have the same problem when I copy and paste a post from somewhere else (I usually do this so I can do a bulk change-of-names in the post to the pseudonyms I’m using on the blog, and my word processing program can do this but WordPress can’t). I’m also a bit obsessive about getting my choice of words just right and will often edit posts after I’ve written them if I think of a better turn of phrase later. This is probably frowned on by some bloggers who think it is wrong or sort of cheating to go back and change what you’ve written, especially if people have already left comments.

    As far as I know there’s no way easy to go back and change the format of previous posts other than painfully editing them one by one. For new posts I use the preview option a lot to see how it will look in the published version. If this is not an option because of your particular site set-up, one possible work-around is to initially publish the post as a private post (which means no-one can see it) and then immediately edit it on WordPress itself to fix up the paragraph breaks etc, and change it back to a public post when you save the edit.

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    1. Thank you for the help. 🙂 I do have the option to preview my rough post before posting it to my blog. However I still have difficulty fixing the space between paragraphs. After some research I did the conclusion I got was it has to do with wordpress basically, and it’s issues with HTML when you transfer your text from one program to the site itself. If that makes any sense? I have found kind of a temporary fix I think, but am not sure yet if it will always work. Basically I now have to edit my blog in HTML before posting. It really sucks.

      I have had a lot of issues with wordpress lately mainly coding wise, and I may rant about it in an entire post about it soon. Haha It is getting so frustrating I have even debating moving to a different blog website entirely. When I signed up for wordpress I only thought I had to be a writing geek or a blog geek, not a HTML/Computer/Coding geek. :/ I suck when it comes to HTML and coding. Lol

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