Long story short of why I have disappeared these past few months.

Oh hey guys, I’m back kind of-ish.

I thought I owed you all a quick explanation of why I haven’t been posting or been active at all these past couple months or so. Basically I did go through a period where I just didn’t feel like writing about anything or know specific topics I wanted to write about, but then my life just became really hectic.

A couple weeks ago I relocated to the USA with my fiance and prior to that was a lot of packing, dealing with financial stuff for the move,Β and other last minute things you do before picking up your life and moving. Not to mention the anxiety of the whole ordeal. Oh and I am also getting married next Saturday. So yeah been crazy busy and I am really sorry for the inactivity.

As stressful as these big changes have been in my life I am really happy, settling in here and getting back on track. With that I promise more posts will be coming eventually. In fact I have a few planned out, including my next post which will be about OCD (Obsessive Compulsive disorder) and it’s relation to Autism. I just haven’t found the time or concentration to be able to sit down and finish it, but yes look forward to posting it and getting back to being a little more active here. Thanks again to all my followers and your patience.


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