Netflix Suggestions: TV Series Part 1

If you love tv shows like I do, hopefully this post will help give you some ideas of series to check out when you are bored or looking for something new to watch. That is if you haven’t already seen these suggestions yet of course. I have Canadian netflix and I notice we don’t get certain movies or shows other countries have or already gotten, so it may be the same case for you and if it is, I’m sorry, hopefully one of these will be at least of some help.

The Walking Dead:
I will get the most obvious and one of the most popular series airing on tv right now out of the way first. BUT in case you have been living under a rock or have the same attitude I did about Zombie movies and shows, this series is one of my favorites I have watched on netflix, not once but twice. Yes I watched the first four seasons I believe it was on netflix as we don’t have cable or satelite for the first time, then I watched it from the beginning of the series again when netflix got the new seasons (5-6) to the end of season 6. I was very skeptical of this show as I find every zombie movies and shows I watched up to this point very comical and couldn’t take them seriously at all. The Walking Dead especially into the later seasons is more about survival and people’s desperation in an end of the world scenario. You can take the zombies out of The Walking Dead completely and it would still be a great show in my opinion. In fact in some episodes zombies are hardly seen, and I have been told that so far in season 7, that is even more the case. I have not seen season 7 at all yet, as I need to wait for Canadian netflix to get it so I can’t really speak on that.

The Walking Dead doesn’t really need a summary, but what the hell?

The Walking Dead is an American horror-drama tv show that started airing on AMC in October 2010. It is based on the comic books by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore. It tells the story of the months after the apocalypse featuring the main character Rick Grimes who has to lead a group to survive the new world and hardships. It shows personal struggles, survival, people being pushed to their biggest breaking points and limits. Very realistically the group also comes to find out humans are far more frightening than any zombie.

Another series I was very skeptical about watching, as I don’t find myself watching or liking many chick flicks (especially American tv) anymore. Boy, was I glad I didn’t listen to my gut on this one and took the daring move to check it out. Though maybe to some it may be a stereotypical chick show like all the others out there, it became one of my most loved tv series, and am patiently waiting for Netflix to get the new season. So if you do become interested in this show, it is not finished like The Walking Dead and The Fosters and can be continued watching if you have access to said tv channels or have other ways of accessing it.

Heartland is a family drama that follows two sisters, Amy and Lou Fleming, their grandfather Jack Bartlett and Ty Borden as they experience ups and downs of life on the ranch. Amy Fleming was in a horrific accident that kills her mother which changes everyone’s lives. (This is NOT a plot spoiler really it is how it starts off and is very much part of the show) Amy inherited her mother’s gifts of healing/working with abused horses and the show is primarily around that idea, but it very much shares the story of the family and all their hardships. If you like the whole family feel in shows or movies (yeah that perfect Hollywood family) you will like this show as it very much is about family being important and sticking together.

The Fosters:
The Fosters first aired on ABC Family on June 3rd, 2013. It is a family drama created by Peter Paige. It shares the story of a family led by a lesbian couple Stef who is a police officer and Lena who is a school vice principle who raise a multi-ethnic family consisting of one biological and four adopted children.

Brandon is Stef’s biological son who she had with her ex husband, Mike. Mike Foster makes many appearances in the Adams-Foster household and is also Stef’s patrol partner.

Callie and Jude are half brother and sister who have been bounced around between foster families until permanently being adopted by Adams-Foster family. Jude is the youngest Adams-Foster child and Callie is the eldest daughter.

Marianna and Jesus Adams-Foster:
Marianna and Jesus are twin siblings and are very close. In fact, out of all the siblings they may seem to be the closest.

The show in my opinion really seems to focus a lot on Callie Adams-Foster, so much she seems like the main character in the show. Not that I am complaining because other than Stef and maybe Brandon, she is one of my favorite characters. If you have seen this show, or are planning to check it out anytime, you can make up your own theory on this one.

I literally just watched this show last night and finished it this morning. It is a mini series that premiered on BBC, consisting of one season with only 5 episodes. So if you want something short, but entertaining this may be ideal for you. Especially if you are just bored navigating netflix, not sure what to watch..throw this one on it is only 5 episodes like I mentioned so you don’t really have anything or much time to lose.

Thirteen tells a story of a woman, Ivy Moxam who escaped at twenty six from a cellar where she was held captive for thirteen years. I found though I didn’t like every thing about the plot, some things in my mind that I could have changed, I liked quite a few characters, thought it had some well done and strong acting and that for a mini series it was quite good for it’s short time aired on tv. It also had some twists and turns that keep you guessing and feelings for different characters at different times.

I’d like to apologize for my lack of activity and posts the past couple weeks or so. I wish I had an excuse like I have been really busy or something, but truthfully that is not the case at all. I have just been feeling really out of it lately and in my own world. I can’t really explain or find the words to describe what I have been going through, but I will be okay don’t worry about that. Haha Just that just because my life hasn’t been hectic it seems my brain has been. I have many different posts planned to be written around many variety subjects such as music, autism, life updates and more like this one here. Once my mind settles again or whenever I get back into that creative mindset I will post again soon.

I would also like to share that I probably won’t be posting about autism awareness month or wearing blue at all this month. I am against it for similiar reasons I am against autism speaks, and other reasons. I may post about why I am against it sometime soon, but I can’t promise it. So if you as a viewer/follower are wondering or expecting it, sorry not gonna happen.


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