A Big Thank You And Two Phone Game Suggestions

I just enjoyed a beautiful walk with the boyfriend, and had a lovely cup of tea after I got home. With the sun out, a nice temperature of 7 C with a light breeze and snow melting I can already feel this depressing form leaving my body. With plus temperature all week with some rain fall, it seems spring may have finally arrived and with it my mood is getting brighter.

Yesterday I received 50 followers and 100 likes on my wordpress blog, woo hoo! I would like to thank all my followers and viewers for this small achievement. As a new blogger who has only been here for a little over a month, maybe two and especially one who may be lucky to post two times a week or less, and even in that short time I have been inactive at times this is a great welcoming to the blogging community. So thank you all! I appreciate it and look forward to more of your comments and reading your blogs.

Two Phone Game Recommendations:

Hay Day:
If you love simulating games this may be one of the best you can get for your phone, tablet or perhaps other devices. Depending on how much you want to get into it will determine how much you will play it, but you don’t always have to play it or even for long periods at a time. The main idea of the game is you are the farmer who will harvest crops, feed and collect from animals (cows, pigs, chickens etc) make and sell goods. There is also many other features of the game, the only time managing thing really are boat orders and other activities you may want to take part in the neighborhoods derbies, but all these things are optional and you don’t have to take part in. One of the reasons why I recommend this game will be the same reason I recommend the next one and that is you get a lot of free stuff. You don’t have to spend anything to accomplish quite a bit. You can get diamonds (you use for stuff and goods on your farm) from a lot of different things like finding it in the tool boxes hidden around farms, or by finishing achievements. Best part is Hay Day will always give you free diamonds anytime the app goes down or ever have problems. I have even gotten diamonds just for installing their mandatory updates. The other best thing about this game is not a lot of advertisements, if at all! And if you do watch an advertisement you normally get a free diamond for it or goods you can use to sell, trade or expand your farm.

Best Fiends:
I love this game and it’s a game you can play whenever or wherever, there is no time limit or dedication on your part. It’s a similar idea to candy crush in some ways such as you beat levels and can play whenever, except it gives you more lives than Candy Crush, you get a ton of more stuff for free which gives you higher chances of beating the levels, and I find there is more you can do on Best Fiends. You also have an optional two wheel spins a day where you watch an advertisement but then get rewards for it. Other than that it is ad free. One of my favorite parts and maybe that is the kid still in me, but the fiends you play with and get to update are really cute!

So yes if you haven’t tried out these games and enjoy game time on your phone, I highly suggest these.

Buh-bye for now!


4 thoughts on “A Big Thank You And Two Phone Game Suggestions

    1. Tbank you for adding my blog to your guys’ list, this means a lot to me. 😀 I kind of had a tough time filling out the questionnaire for the information to describe my blog on your list. Feel free to re word or shorten anything, like feel free to edit it but don’t change it to something that is not me? I guess lol. And if I answered anything wrong or whatever let me know I can re do it. Thanks again!

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      1. Hmm…I don’t know if I have any ideas to make it easier, it wasn’t really hard at all, I think it was just me. I didn’t know how exactly I wanted to fill out the ones that have you explain your co-occuring conditions and what the blog is about. I think it’s more because my blog is kinda really random right now, and had nothing to do with your guys’ questionnaire. I found the instructions and wording quite easy. 🙂 Thanks again!

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