Bleach Cure All…WTF?!

I recently found out about this and it may be too late to write about, but this really pisses me off and I feel it is important to bring attention too. I apologize in advance if there is a lot of crude language in this post. If it offense you I am sorry, but this is very frustrating.

So there is this treatment called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) and it is ‘believed’ (for lack of a better term) to cure things like cancer, malaria,  HIV, acne and the big bad one, autism. This so called ‘cure’ is a toxic mixture of 28% sodium chlorite mixed with hydrochloric acid. For those of you who are not science geeks like myself, this is essentially bleach, but is marketed as a more dilute version called, Chlorine Dioxide Solution.

WHAT THE FUCK? I can’t believe this shit exists and people who believe this is an actual cure for anything are allowed to breed.

There is no evidence that MMS is a cure, in fact side effects seem to show quite the opposite such as acute renal failure, nausea, vomiting, early death and all the other fun stuff you could imagine from swallowing bleach. People who market this or believe in this therapy believe these kind of side effects is proof that the medication is working. (I can’t make this shit up.) There are also some parents who go as far as discussing on anonymous message boards  that the red dots that are suddenly appearing in their child’s stool means that the medication is working. This is insane.


Now I know you cannot convince these people or parents that this is not working and it is illegal because once convinced they become fanatic and any evidence presented will be dismissed. It’s like trying to convert an extreme religious person to atheism or the other way around. Luckily this case has become a huge job for the authorities and I think that is a good thing.

I am not really writing this post to spread awareness or to have it accomplish anything, I’m just really ticked off, wanted to rant and I wanted to focus on MMS being a cure for autism given the purpose of my blog.

How the fuck can these parents believe this therapy can cure their child of autism (being cured of autism sounds really rotten btw) you may be wondering. Well basically some believe that vaccines create a parasite that leads to the cause of autism. Then by using this bleach therapy it kills the parasite therefore ‘curing’ autism and restoring balance to the body. Again…WTF?! There is this woman named Kerri Rivera who wrote a book called ‘Healing Autism’ and has a child who is autistic. In this book she explains how to follow the CD protocol and recommends hourly doses of this stuff. The problem is when you write a book like this there will be people who believe you actually know what you are talking about. I briefly read the PDF version of the book (Yes briefly as it was filled with a lot of fuckery bs that was very frustrating to read through and yes I am lazy) and one thing that stood out for me was the disclaimer itself claims that no authors of the book is responsible for the information provided and it should not be used as medical advice. You would hope that these parents would further their research upon reading the disclaimer and talk to actual medical professionals and experts relating to autism, but noooo they are still daft enough to believe something they read in a random book. So I am not really shocked they would force such toxin therapies on their children.

I have to say that aside from this being illegal and child abuse, my biggest problem I have with this is the same I have with things like the anti-vaccine movement. It’s this belief that autism is the worse thing that can happen to your child and it must be cured. I am sorry, but just because our brains work differently from yours does not mean we are damaged and we need to be cured.

There are children and adults on the very low end of the spectrum who have expressed they do not want to be cured. Like “sure it would be nice to be able to talk, but I still want to be autistic.” I know there can be very extreme cases such as no verbal communication at all, no reliable way of testing intelligence and no way of knowing if they know what is going on around them. I cannot imagine how frustrating this must be for a parent or parents, but I do understand that autism can be really bad. I’m sure these parents feel hopeless and would like to find ways to help solve their child’s everyday problems. That is not what I have an issue with, I have a problem with forcing your child to undergo bleach therapies. That is child abuse!

It is important to note that we do know how to increase the quality of life for children on the spectrum and how to build an environment around them that will give them the best chance at being happy. And when it really comes down to it being happy is all that should really matter. I have read about studies that explain that there is no coalition between the severity of autism and quality of life. Now when I say ‘happy’ I don’t mean rather you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, a job or what have you. Quality of life meaning you have a happy and full filling life according to your own standards. Not what society tells you! This being said I guess we can assume these parents believe if you are on the spectrum there is no possible way you can have a happy and full filling life, but that would mean these parents didn’t do their research. I am sorry, but if your child is diagnosed with any kind of mental/physical illness, or in this case a neurological disorder it is YOUR job as a parent to not just do your research before participating in things like the CD protocol, but to also help them in anyway you can to give them the best chance at life.

Yeah…I’m done writing about this. I tried to make this post as informative and yes my opinion as much as possible without getting too angry, my apologies again if it comes across as too heavy, opinionated or pissed off. It was not my intent, I can break the rules sometimes. Haha


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