Car Radio – Twenty One Pilots: A Quick Review

I was simply amazed and stunned the first time I heard ‘Car Radio’ by Twenty One Pilots.

Inspired by the true event of someone stealing his car radio in college, Tyler Joseph shares how he uses music to distract him from his own thoughts in this beautiful song. The muted popping piano fitted the depressing vibe of this song brilliantly. Some may argue the second half of the song sounds as annoying as Blood On The Dance Floor, but Josh Dun’s drumming is incredible. Twenty One Pilots may be a mediocre group, but this song will probably be the closest Tyler will ever come to rapping as an art form in his career and Car Radio is one of the best highlights on the album ‘Vessel.’ I may hurt some feelings with this next bit, but what would be a music review with no hate from know-it-all music geeks? The way Tyler uses a car radio as a metaphor to explain how music is used by many to distract ourselves from problems and depression could be compared to the likes of Eminem. I think this song will definitely remain a huge highlight in Tyler Joseph’s and Josh Dun’s career and it will be difficult to out do themselves in the future.

I find ‘Car Radio’ to be very symbolic and I found myself instantly relating to it.  Two lines that really speak to me is ‘Someone stole my car radio and now I just sit in silence” and “Sometimes quiet is violent, I find it hard to hide.” It became one of my favorite therapeutic songs after the first listen and this doesn’t happen very often in my musical experience.


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