What Matters Most To You?

Firstly, I want to apologize for not being very active recently, been busy and sometimes when I do have the free time I am not always inspired to write. :/ I want to become more active with the blogging community and my followers so I may be posting more blogs with open ended questions like this post here (I can’t think of how to explain it,but after reading this post you will have an idea…hopefully) So I am not always writing to myself. Haha ;o


I have thought about blogging this for a while now and it got me thinking of this question. What/Who matters most to you? By this I mean what/who can’t you live without? Make time for everyday or almost everyday?


The person who means the most to me and if anything happened to him I can honestly say I don’t know what would happen to me. This thought terrifies me. It is my boyfriend, he is my best friend, partner in crime, the only person I trust completely and the love of my life. BUT this post isn’t about him ūüėõ this like goes without saying.


In one form or another for me it’s music. It is not always listening to music or writing a song, but at some point in everyday will evolve around music. I can spend hours listening to music with earphones on or blaring loud through the speakers. Sometimes I will just sit and listen to it, or it becomes the background of what I am doing like cleaning my room or playing a game. Music can be background, but it seems no matter what I am doing music always becomes the main focus. Even at my work, I may not always like a particular song or playlist that is playing that day, but I can still appreciate it in the background. A lot of the time I will come up with lines or pieces of music in my head, sometimes I will write it down (I haven’t done this in awhile now…) if I think I can make something out of it and sometimes I won’t. If I have a good song stuck in my head I will sing it to myself on repeat all day. I’m a pretty terrible dancer, but I will dance around my room (I use to a lot as a teen) as shy as I am a good song playing out with friends or at a party has been known to get me up and dancing. Sober or not. I am one of those people who can’t live without music. It has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life, motivated me out of the worse states,¬†therapeutically¬†and very inspiring. It is my healthy (maybe it’s not healthy?) addiction.



So what about you guys, what matters the most to you?


If you missed my thoughts on Valentine’s day and why my valentines day post has nothing to do with love or Valentines you can check it out here.




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