My thoughts on Valentine’s day…

Wasn’t sure what to post about and with Valentine’s day approaching I figured what the hell? This was actually inspired by a post I read earlier tonight.

*BE WARNED: this post will contain strong opinions, maybe a bit of aggression mixed in with foul language.*
I don’t believe you need a day to celebrate your love. Sure it is nice to celebrate with a romantic dinner, buy your partner some gifts etc. But why do you need a day for it? Wouldn’t it be more special to do it just because you love or have strong feeling for them on any day? If you do it just on any day then it’s a win surprise and not because some day told you have to or they already expect it. You should celebrate your love every day (maybe not literally every day but you know what I mean)
It is NOT even a holiday. Seriously what in the fuckery noise is that? So I have no use for this day. Ha It is a useless day created for Hallmark to steal your money. I will NOT confirm.
The internet, social media, school, work etc becomes filled with love birds bragigng about how cool it is they are in love, wasting money on senseless gifts like flowers that die. On the other side emos crying cause they are lonely, write senseless babble on facebook how cool it is to get on the hate train of Valentine’s day. Shut up you sound like a spiteful kid and may be the reason you are single. Just saying if you truly were happy being single and loved yourself, couples wouldn’t bother you enough to take time out of your day to complain about it. If we could just be happy people are happy single, married, in a relationship what have you, we’d be okay. Just like I am not against people who want to celebrate this day. If you enjoy that sorta thing kudos to you.

I am in a relationship with the man I want to spend the rest of my life with and I don’t support this day. I am guilty of being on the Valentine’s day hate train but for different reasons. I don’t even know what day it is :/ The only great thing about lovers day is the expensive win chocolate goes on sale and I LOVE my chocolate.

This post was not edited it is just senseless babble. I take full responsibility for any back lash or negativity this may create.

My advice rather you are in a relationship, married, single etc enjoy Valentine’s day like you would any other day. Because it is really JUST a day. But we should petition for it to be a holiday for reals.

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