Some goals/ideas for my blog and skating…

Just a short blog and going to take this time to update my blog by sharing more about what my blog will be about and content I plan to share.

First things first….Thank you to my new followers, I know it’s a small crowd, for a new blogger like myself it is much appreciated and inspiring.

The boyfriend and I went skating after dinner. I was really nervous because I haven’t skated since I was like 12 so at least 15 years, as I grew up in a small town that had no ice rink. I did it though, and I surprised myself, plus I didn’t fall so yay me! It must have been quite the sight to see though as my boyfriend beside me looked like he never set down a pair of skates or a hockey stick. With my zero coordination and balance I looked like a toddler just learning how to walk compared to him. Haha Just as I was getting into it all these little humans show up with their sticks and pucks all Canadian and shit, I tried skating around them or finding my own little corner, but sure enough my anxiety kicked in. People always say don’t worry about what other people think of you and blah blah why do you get anxious? you are doing a good job why worry? It is not that I care what people think of me I really don’t I am not shy…Skating is a good example to explain why I find crowds difficult. Because I am a newbie skater I look down when I skate not ahead, and I would just get this fear of knocking into someone or whatever something stupid and over think it creating anxiety. I know part of it is I am new to this, but it’s common in situations for me to not know what to do or how to act. I have a really hard time paying attention to what goes on around me, I can only concentrate what I am doing.  Regardless I had a great time for what little time we got out for and my boyfriend was really understanding when I said I was over it and wanted to go home, even though we had only been out there for maybe 45 mins at the most, he didn’t question it.

Lately I have been skipping out on outdoor activities (some of it because of the weather, but some of it has been lack of motivation) and my work outs, getting back into things like skating again makes me want to get back to being more active and I think I will do just that. It really helps my mood as well.

Anywhooo I just wanted to do a small updatey thing on my blog. Over time I plan to add a lot of content to my blog besides just my regular rants, random thoughts, and experiences. I want to do a few series such as top music playlists/lists (IE: top rock songs, top inspirational songs, top love songs etc) and I want to share resources and videos about aspergers and autism I found interesting, helpful and/or inspired me. These will probably be added pages to my blog.

Well that’s all that is new with me other than boring work crap and some of my goals for this blog.


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