A Big Thank You And Two Phone Game Suggestions

I just enjoyed a beautiful walk with the boyfriend, and had a lovely cup of tea after I got home. With the sun out, a nice temperature of 7 C with a light breeze and snow melting I can already feel this depressing form leaving my body. With plus temperature all week with some rain fall, it seems spring may have finally arrived and with it my mood is getting brighter.

Yesterday I received 50 followers and 100 likes on my wordpress blog, woo hoo! I would like to thank all my followers and viewers for this small achievement. As a new blogger who has only been here for a little over a month, maybe two and especially one who may be lucky to post two times a week or less, and even in that short time I have been inactive at times this is a great welcoming to the blogging community. So thank you all! I appreciate it and look forward to more of your comments and reading your blogs.

Two Phone Game Recommendations:

Hay Day:
If you love simulating games this may be one of the best you can get for your phone, tablet or perhaps other devices. Depending on how much you want to get into it will determine how much you will play it, but you don’t always have to play it or even for long periods at a time. The main idea of the game is you are the farmer who will harvest crops, feed and collect from animals (cows, pigs, chickens etc) make and sell goods. There is also many other features of the game, the only time managing thing really are boat orders and other activities you may want to take part in the neighborhoods derbies, but all these things are optional and you don’t have to take part in. One of the reasons why I recommend this game will be the same reason I recommend the next one and that is you get a lot of free stuff. You don’t have to spend anything to accomplish quite a bit. You can get diamonds (you use for stuff and goods on your farm) from a lot of different things like finding it in the tool boxes hidden around farms, or by finishing achievements. Best part is Hay Day will always give you free diamonds anytime the app goes down or ever have problems. I have even gotten diamonds just for installing their mandatory updates. The other best thing about this game is not a lot of advertisements, if at all! And if you do watch an advertisement you normally get a free diamond for it or goods you can use to sell, trade or expand your farm.

Best Fiends:
I love this game and it’s a game you can play whenever or wherever, there is no time limit or dedication on your part. It’s a similar idea to candy crush in some ways such as you beat levels and can play whenever, except it gives you more lives than Candy Crush, you get a ton of more stuff for free which gives you higher chances of beating the levels, and I find there is more you can do on Best Fiends. You also have an optional two wheel spins a day where you watch an advertisement but then get rewards for it. Other than that it is ad free. One of my favorite parts and maybe that is the kid still in me, but the fiends you play with and get to update are really cute!

So yes if you haven’t tried out these games and enjoy game time on your phone, I highly suggest these.

Buh-bye for now!

Netflix Suggestions: TV Series Part 1

If you love tv shows like I do, hopefully this post will help give you some ideas of series to check out when you are bored or looking for something new to watch. That is if you haven’t already seen these suggestions yet of course. I have Canadian netflix and I notice we don’t get certain movies or shows other countries have or already gotten, so it may be the same case for you and if it is, I’m sorry, hopefully one of these will be at least of some help.


The Walking Dead:

I will get the most obvious and one of the most popular series airing on tv right now out of the way first. BUT in case you have been living under a rock or have the same attitude I did about Zombie movies and shows, this series is one of my favorites I have watched on netflix, not once but twice. Yes I watched the first four seasons I believe it was on netflix as we don’t have cable or satelite for the first time, then I watched it from the beginning of the series again when netflix got the new seasons (5-6) to the end of season 6. I was very skeptical of this show as I find every zombie movies and shows I watched up to this point very comical and couldn’t take them seriously at all. The Walking Dead especially into the later seasons is more about survival and people’s desperation in an end of the world scenario. You can take the zombies out of The Walking Dead completely and it would still be a great show in my opinion. In fact in some episodes zombies are hardly seen, and I have been told that so far in season 7, that is even more the case. I have not seen season 7 at all yet, as I need to wait for Canadian netflix to get it so I can’t really speak on that.

The Walking Dead doesn’t really need a summary, but what the hell?

The Walking Dead is an American horror-drama tv show that started airing on AMC in October 2010. It is based on the comic books by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore. It tells the story of the months after the apocalypse featuring the main character Rick Grimes who has to lead a group to survive the new world and hardships. It shows personal struggles, survival, people being pushed to their biggest breaking points and limits. Very realistically the group also comes to find out humans are far more frightening than any zombie.

Another series I was very skeptical about watching, as I don’t find myself watching or liking many chick flicks (especially American tv) anymore. Boy, was I glad I didn’t listen to my gut on this one and took the daring move to check it out. Though maybe to some it may be a stereotypical chick show like all the others out there, it became one of my most loved tv series, and am patiently waiting for Netflix to get the new season. So if you do become interested in this show, it is not finished like The Walking Dead and The Fosters and can be continued watching if you have access to said tv channels or have other ways of accessing it.

Heartland is a family drama that follows two sisters, Amy and Lou Fleming, their grandfather Jack Bartlett and Ty Borden as they experience ups and downs of life on the ranch. Amy Fleming was in a horrific accident that kills her mother which changes everyone’s lives. (This is NOT a plot spoiler really it is how it starts off and is very much part of the show) Amy inherited her mother’s gifts of healing/working with abused horses and the show is primarily around that idea, but it very much shares the story of the family and all their hardships. If you like the whole family feel in shows or movies (yeah that perfect hollywood family) you will like this show as it very much is about family being important and sticking together.

The Fosters:
The Fosters first aired on ABC Family on June 3rd, 2013. It is a family drama created by Peter Paige. It shares the story of a family led by a lesbian couple Stef who is a police officer and Lena who is a school vice principle who raise a multi-ehtnic family consisting of one biological and four adopted children.
Brandon is Stef’s biological son who she had with her ex husband, Mike. Mike Foster makes many appearances in the Adams-Foster household and is also Stef’s patrol partner.
Callie and Jude are half brother and sister who have been bounced around between foster families until permanently being adopted by Adams-Foster family. Jude is the youngest Adams-Foster child and Callie is the eldest daughter.
Marianna and Jesus Adams-Foster:
Marianna and Jesus are twin siblings and are very close. In fact, out of all the siblings they may seem to be the closest.
The show in my opinion really seems to focus a lot on Callie Adams-Foster, so much she seems like the main character in the show. Not that I am complaining because other than Stef and maybe Brandon, she is one of my favorite characters. If you have seen this show, or are planning to check it out anytime, you can make up your own theory on this one.

I literally just watched this show last night and finished it this morning. It is a mini series that premiered on BBC, consisting of one season with only 5 episodes. So if you want something short, but entertaining this may be ideal for you. Especially if you are just bored navigating netflix, not sure what to watch..throw this one on it is only 5 episodes like I mentioned so you don’t really have anything or much time to lose.

Thirteen tells a story of a woman, Ivy Moxam who escaped at twenty six from a cellar where she was held captive for thirteen years. I found though I didn’t like every thing about the plot, some things in my mind that I could have changed, I liked quite a few characters, thought it had some well done and strong acting and that for a mini series it was quite good for it’s short time aired on tv. It also had some twists and turns that keep you guessing and feelings for different characters at different times.

I’d like to apologize for my lack of activity and posts the past couple weeks or so. I wish I had an excuse like I have been really busy or something, but truthfully that is not the case at all. I have just been feeling really out of it lately and in my own world. I can’t really explain or find the words to describe what I have been going through, but I will be okay don’t worry about that. Haha Just that just because my life hasn’t been hectic it seems my brain has been. I have many different posts planned to be written around many variety subjects such as music, autism, life updates and more like this one here. Once my mind settles again or whenever I get back into that creative mindset I will post again soon.

I would also like to share that I probably won’t be posting about autism awareness month or wearing blue at all this month. I am against it for similiar reasons I am against autism speaks, and other reasons. I may post about why I am against it sometime soon, but I can’t promise it. So if you as a viewer/follower are wondering or expecting it, sorry not gonna happen.

Bleach Cure All…WTF?!

I recently found out about this and it may be too late to write about, but this really pisses me off and I feel it is important to bring attention too. I apologize in advance if there is a lot of crude language in this post. If it offense you I am sorry, but this is very frustrating.

So there is this treatment called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) and it is ‘believed’ (for lack of a better term) to cure things like cancer, malaria,  HIV, acne and the big bad one, autism. This so called ‘cure’ is a toxic mixture of 28% sodium chlorite mixed with hydrochloric acid. For those of you who are not science geeks like myself, this is essentially bleach, but is marketed as a more dilute version called, Chlorine Dioxide Solution.

WHAT THE FUCK? I can’t believe this shit exists and people who believe this is an actual cure for anything are allowed to breed.

There is no evidence that MMS is a cure, in fact side effects seem to show quite the opposite such as acute renal failure, nausea, vomiting, early death and all the other fun stuff you could imagine from swallowing bleach. People who market this or believe in this therapy believe these kind of side effects is proof that the medication is working. (I can’t make this shit up.) There are also some parents who go as far as discussing on anonymous message boards  that the red dots that are suddenly appearing in their child’s stool means that the medication is working. This is insane.


Now I know you cannot convince these people or parents that this is not working and it is illegal because once convinced they become fanatic and any evidence presented will be dismissed. It’s like trying to convert an extreme religious person to atheism or the other way around. Luckily this case has become a huge job for the authorities and I think that is a good thing.

I am not really writing this post to spread awareness or to have it accomplish anything, I’m just really ticked off, wanted to rant and I wanted to focus on MMS being a cure for autism given the purpose of my blog.

How the fuck can these parents believe this therapy can cure their child of autism (being cured of autism sounds really rotten btw) you may be wondering. Well basically some believe that vaccines create a parasite that leads to the cause of autism. Then by using this bleach therapy it kills the parasite therefore ‘curing’ autism and restoring balance to the body. Again…WTF?! There is this woman named Kerri Rivera who wrote a book called ‘Healing Autism’ and has a child who is autistic. In this book she explains how to follow the CD protocol and recommends hourly doses of this stuff. The problem is when you write a book like this there will be people who believe you actually know what you are talking about. I briefly read the PDF version of the book (Yes briefly as it was filled with a lot of fuckery bs that was very frustrating to read through and yes I am lazy) and one thing that stood out for me was the disclaimer itself claims that no authors of the book is responsible for the information provided and it should not be used as medical advice. You would hope that these parents would further their research upon reading the disclaimer and talk to actual medical professionals and experts relating to autism, but noooo they are still daft enough to believe something they read in a random book. So I am not really shocked they would force such toxin therapies on their children.

I have to say that aside from this being illegal and child abuse, my biggest problem I have with this is the same I have with things like the anti-vaccine movement. It’s this belief that autism is the worse thing that can happen to your child and it must be cured. I am sorry, but just because our brains work differently from yours does not mean we are damaged and we need to be cured.

There are children and adults on the very low end of the spectrum who have expressed they do not want to be cured. Like “sure it would be nice to be able to talk, but I still want to be autistic.” I know there can be very extreme cases such as no verbal communication at all, no reliable way of testing intelligence and no way of knowing if they know what is going on around them. I cannot imagine how frustrating this must be for a parent or parents, but I do understand that autism can be really bad. I’m sure these parents feel hopeless and would like to find ways to help solve their child’s everyday problems. That is not what I have an issue with, I have a problem with forcing your child to undergo bleach therapies. That is child abuse!

It is important to note that we do know how to increase the quality of life for children on the spectrum and how to build an environment around them that will give them the best chance at being happy. And when it really comes down to it being happy is all that should really matter. I have read about studies that explain that there is no coalition between the severity of autism and quality of life. Now when I say ‘happy’ I don’t mean rather you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, a job or what have you. Quality of life meaning you have a happy and full filling life according to your own standards. Not what society tells you! This being said I guess we can assume these parents believe if you are on the spectrum there is no possible way you can have a happy and full filling life, but that would mean these parents didn’t do their research. I am sorry, but if your child is diagnosed with any kind of mental/physical illness, or in this case a neurological disorder it is YOUR job as a parent to not just do your research before participating in things like the CD protocol, but to also help them in anyway you can to give them the best chance at life.

Yeah…I’m done writing about this. I tried to make this post as informative and yes my opinion as much as possible without getting too angry, my apologies again if it comes across as too heavy, opinionated or pissed off. It was not my intent, I can break the rules sometimes. Haha

The Sunshine Blogger Award :)


A huge thanks to Bubbly Brooke for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger award. This means a lot and is exciting. 🙂 Her blog is really awesome and I think you should check it out! Bubbly Brooke

-Thank the blogger who nominated you and share a link to their blog.
-Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

-Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions to answer.

– List the rules and post the Sunshine Blogger Award Logo on your post and/or on your blog.

-Have fun!

Answers to Bubbly Brooke’s Questions:

What is your favorite color?

Red and Blue

What makes you want to scream and vent?
Quite a few things…Work, loud noises, people disturbing me when I am trying to relax and be alone, repeating myself more than twice and so on…
New York or Los Angeles?
I have never visited either actually, I also wouldn’t like to live in either city as I am not a city person nvm a huge city, too fast paced for me. I would like to visit both one day if it is in the cards, but if I had to pick one I would rather visit Los Angelas. As great as New York sounds, I really want to tour California.
Favorite food?
Spaghetti, Hamburgers, Chocolate, cheese, peanut butter
What do you love about yourself?
*insert pity party that I don’t like anything about myself* jk jk
My smile, my hazel eyes and I have a love/hate relationship with my OCD/perfectionist?
Are you a book worm?
No, but I do love reading and really need to get back into it.
Dog or cat person?
I am more of a dog person, however me and my boyfriend have decided when the time is right we want to get a kitty because they are less needy and easier to take care of. Like you can leave them alone for more than a day without them losing their shit. So I love both, I love all animals actually just was more of a dog person growing up.
Astrological sign?
Photography or writing?
Writing. I am not a very good photographer at all, but I like the idea of taking pictures.  :/
Which must go-burgers or pizza?
Must go? Like go away? Lol Or are we referencing the rap song (I don’t listen to shit rap so I don’t know the song) but where it goes like ‘go *insert sandwich meat here” like go ham?
I don’t understand the question silly me. 😦 I prefer burgers, and am not a huge pizza eater. Some people find this odd when I say this because pizza is normally like a favorite of many or a common party food but I think I ate it too much growing up and got sick of it. I am not sure. Hawaiian Pizza is pretty win though!
My nominations are…
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My eleven questions (Sorry if some I may ask have already been asked in previous awards, so hard to be unique sometimes but I’mma try my best.)
1. Do you have any nicknames? If so and not embarrassed to share, what are they?
2. What do you do when you can’t sleep at night? I know this happens more often for some than others, but we all get those odd nights where we can’t fall asleep.
3. Are you a sentimental person? (Example: Do you keep every card or almost every card that were given to you growing up. Pictures. Keep really anything that holds special meaning to you etc)
4. What is your strongest sense? Or what do you think is your strongest sense?
5. How many times a day do you look in the mirror?
6. What are some of your favorite bands, genres, songs?
7. What was the best news you ever received?
8. What was your last compliment?
9. Do you sing in the shower?
10. Who are your role models, if any?

11. What is your favorite time of the day?

Car Radio – Twenty One Pilots: A Quick Review

I was simply amazed and stunned the first time I heard ‘Car Radio’ by Twenty One Pilots.


Inspired by the true event of someone stealing his car radio in college, Tyler Joseph shares how he uses music to distract him from his own thoughts in this beautiful song. The muted popping piano fitted the depressing vibe of this song brilliantly. Some may argue the second half of the song sounds as annoying as Blood On The Dance Floor, but Josh Dun’s drumming is incredible. Twenty One Pilots may be a mediocre group, but this song will probably be the closest Tyler will ever come to rapping as an art form in his career and Car Radio is one of the best highlights on the album ‘Vessel.’ I may hurt some feelings with this next bit, but what would be a music review with no hate from know-it-all music geeks? The way Tyler uses a car radio as a metaphor to explain how music is used by many to distract ourselves from problems and depression could be compared to the likes of Eminem. I think this song will definitely remain a huge highlight in Tyler Joseph’s and Josh Dun’s career and it will be difficult to out do themselves in the future.


I find ‘Car Radio’ to be very symbolic and I found myself instantly relating to it.  Two lines that really speak to me is ‘Someone stole my car radio and now I just sit in silence” and “Sometimes quiet is violent, I find it hard to hide.” It became one of my favorite therapeutic songs after the first listen and this doesn’t happen very often in my musical experience.



What Matters Most To You?

Firstly, I want to apologize for not being very active recently, been busy and sometimes when I do have the free time I am not always inspired to write. :/ I want to become more active with the blogging community and my followers so I may be posting more blogs with open ended questions like this post here (I can’t think of how to explain it,but after reading this post you will have an idea…hopefully) So I am not always writing to myself. Haha ;o


I have thought about blogging this for a while now and it got me thinking of this question. What/Who matters most to you? By this I mean what/who can’t you live without? Make time for everyday or almost everyday?


The person who means the most to me and if anything happened to him I can honestly say I don’t know what would happen to me. This thought terrifies me. It is my boyfriend, he is my best friend, partner in crime, the only person I trust completely and the love of my life. BUT this post isn’t about him 😛 this like goes without saying.


In one form or another for me it’s music. It is not always listening to music or writing a song, but at some point in everyday will evolve around music. I can spend hours listening to music with earphones on or blaring loud through the speakers. Sometimes I will just sit and listen to it, or it becomes the background of what I am doing like cleaning my room or playing a game. Music can be background, but it seems no matter what I am doing music always becomes the main focus. Even at my work, I may not always like a particular song or playlist that is playing that day, but I can still appreciate it in the background. A lot of the time I will come up with lines or pieces of music in my head, sometimes I will write it down (I haven’t done this in awhile now…) if I think I can make something out of it and sometimes I won’t. If I have a good song stuck in my head I will sing it to myself on repeat all day. I’m a pretty terrible dancer, but I will dance around my room (I use to a lot as a teen) as shy as I am a good song playing out with friends or at a party has been known to get me up and dancing. Sober or not. I am one of those people who can’t live without music. It has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life, motivated me out of the worse states, therapeutically and very inspiring. It is my healthy (maybe it’s not healthy?) addiction.



So what about you guys, what matters the most to you?


If you missed my thoughts on Valentine’s day and why my valentines day post has nothing to do with love or Valentines you can check it out here.



My thoughts on Valentine’s day…

Wasn’t sure what to post about and with Valentine’s day approaching I figured what the hell? This was actually inspired by a post I read earlier tonight.

*BE WARNED: this post will contain strong opinions, maybe a bit of aggression mixed in with foul language.*
I don’t believe you need a day to celebrate your love. Sure it is nice to celebrate with a romantic dinner, buy your partner some gifts etc. But why do you need a day for it? Wouldn’t it be more special to do it just because you love or have strong feeling for them on any day? If you do it just on any day then it’s a win surprise and not because some day told you have to or they already expect it. You should celebrate your love every day (maybe not literally every day but you know what I mean)
It is NOT even a holiday. Seriously what in the fuckery noise is that? So I have no use for this day. Ha It is a useless day created for Hallmark to steal your money. I will NOT confirm.
The internet, social media, school, work etc becomes filled with love birds bragigng about how cool it is they are in love, wasting money on senseless gifts like flowers that die. On the other side emos crying cause they are lonely, write senseless babble on facebook how cool it is to get on the hate train of Valentine’s day. Shut up you sound like a spiteful kid and may be the reason you are single. Just saying if you truly were happy being single and loved yourself, couples wouldn’t bother you enough to take time out of your day to complain about it. If we could just be happy people are happy single, married, in a relationship what have you, we’d be okay. Just like I am not against people who want to celebrate this day. If you enjoy that sorta thing kudos to you.

I am in a relationship with the man I want to spend the rest of my life with and I don’t support this day. I am guilty of being on the Valentine’s day hate train but for different reasons. I don’t even know what day it is :/ The only great thing about lovers day is the expensive win chocolate goes on sale and I LOVE my chocolate.

This post was not edited it is just senseless babble. I take full responsibility for any back lash or negativity this may create.

My advice rather you are in a relationship, married, single etc enjoy Valentine’s day like you would any other day. Because it is really JUST a day. But we should petition for it to be a holiday for reals.

Down Time: Some of my thoughts…

I came to the realization after this past week that I haven’t been managing the proper amount of down time for myself, and it has lead to more than just normal frustration or anxiety.
Last weekend I did absolutely nothing but lay in bed, listened to music, netflix, games and other activities I normally do to reset myself for the new work week ahead. But instead of it resetting myself, it lead to me calling into work on Monday and then again on Tuesday. I wish I could just blame my lack of motivation at the beginning of the week on stress, as the last few weeks have been a bit more crazy than normal. When I made myself go back to work on Wednesday I felt better and more accomplished. (After the first couple hours of anxiety from being back passed of course.) I feel it was more than just anxiety that I was going through though. That me having no motivation or over doing down time last weekend was leading to shut down and depression. Making myself getting out of bed last Wednesday and going into work snapped me out of the state I was in. I was back to a somewhat normal state for a couple days, but then after work on Friday I felt exhausted and anxious again. Though it is normal for me to finish a work day and be a bit offish, it was more than normal.

I have struggled with this all my life and have tried my best to manage time for myself, but I really came to realize recently that even too much down time (I normally stress about not having enough) can also be a bad thing. That if I can’t balance between me time and being active it can put me in a state of depression or ‘autistic’ state that can be difficult to get out of sometimes.

So here I go again to find new ways to stay healthy and happy. I have worked too hard this past year or so to get where I am today. After battling depression, isolation, insecurity etc most of my life. I can’t afford to fail again especially right now. 

This weekend I made sure to make time for the boyfriend and I. We went skating to get out of the house and I took me time. I also find writing helps put me in a better mood. Tony Atwood, a man known world wide for his knowledge of asperger syndrome, suggests one hour of downtime for every hour of socialization. I plan to take this idea into mind moving forward. Especially in regards to scheduling my down time more efficiently.